We will make the most of your resources! We guarantee to value all sources of enquiry! We strive to ensure better return on commission and marketing outcomes!

Why hire a agency that won't make the most of your resources? Why hire someone that doesn't value all enquiry into your property?

At Scenic Road Properties we believe it is our job to" work for our customer not create work for our customer"

Buying and selling properties can be emotional at the best of times and it wouldn't make sense to appoint someone that doesn't put you and your property first.

We believe every property has its own story and that it is a privalidge as a real estate agent to tell it to the next custodian.

This is why  your marketing strategy shouldn't be just the same old same old and that a strategy should be crafted to tell your story.

We believe that working with industry experts regardless of their company of origin is a sure fire way to improve your ROI when advertising to sell your property

We pay generously those that refer qualified enquiry and who purchase. We believe commission share shouldn't be a deterent to finding the right buyer for your property.

Ultimately we wish to ensure your investment works effectively for you and that you are represented professionally. Your experience parramount!

The Team
  1. Drew Slack-Smith
    Drew Slack-Smith
    Managing Director
    Drew is a acreage/lifestyle property specialist with a broad understanding of the Queensland Building & Property Business. Drew is the driving force behind the Scenic Road brand with goals to ensure this company strives to improve customer service outcomes for our valued customers
  2. John C Thomas
    John C Thomas
    John is an executive director and mentor for the Scenic Road Team. With extensive international and local business experience encompassing projects such as the Riverstone Crossing Development, Stockland joint venture and the privatisation of Links Hope Island Golf Course
  3. Luisa Slack-Smith
    Luisa Slack-Smith
    Executive Marketing Manager
    Luisa is the creative genius behind your personalised marketing creative and with her professional team ensures a great visual outcome for your property. Luisa has 12 years real estate sales experience and is the creator and Editor in Chief of the Scenic Road Magazine
  4. Ceri Boulter-Milne
    Ceri Boulter-Milne
    Executive Accounts Manager
    Ceri runs a private executive book keeping and accounts service business and provides Scenic Road Properties with exemplary contract admin and accounting services.